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"Through with you."

I hadn't been there 10 minutes before I was walking back out the door.  Perhaps for the last time.  My elderly resident at GHA gave me my walking papers this morning.  He tried to tell me, then needed to write it down for me.  "Through with you".  I either upset or disappointed him such that he felt I was of no good use to him, and that is regrettable.  I am saddened by this, but will try to see it for the blessing it may be to me.  The next six weeks of school could be pretty intense, and I'll likely need every bit of time SHB just gave me back to do that work.  I told the folks at Goodwin House I would try again if he were to reconsider his decision.  But it is his decision, and I will abide by it. 

Heavenly Father, Gracious God, look with favor upon your servant, SHB.  Please grant him, and those who care for him, your gracious care and comfort.  Guide and direct them all, especially SHB, and guard and protect him, this day and forever more.  Amen.