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Wishes Wrapped in a Warm Muffler

One of our Rite-13 kids leaves the country in two months with her family for a 2-3 year Foreign Service tour of duty.  After practice in the church reading the lessons for next week's Youth Service, we went outside to enjoy some cake.  We were celebrating "Morning Rabbitt" (what I call her) for the time we had with her and the many things she shared with us, and this new adventure before her.  After the gang played for a bit, we had a closing activity.  E, one of the other teachers, had knitted R a lovely pink scarf.  We gathered in a circle, held hands and while each of us wore the muffler wrapped around our neck, we offered a remembrance or memory about her, a wish or prayer for her, and a hope for the upcoming summer for the others that were present.  Some were silly.  Others were expected.  A few were quite touching.  These were blessings wrapped in a muffler to help keep her warm and remind her she is loved.  What a wonderful thought and a lovely gift!