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It's Been A Day (and then some)

Today was Spring Fling II with Grace Church at Tantallon C.C.  The annual Spring golf outing in April had been rained out (even though seven of us had slogged the deluge for 18 holes before yielding).  Thankfully today was much nicer - it was dry, warm and bright!  The experience that is golf for us, that is me and Heart Of My Heart, can be a regular reminder of an important tenet we learned through Engaged Encounter way back when: That any meaningful relationship must, from time to time, go through and endure the cycle of Romance, Disallusionment and True Joy.  Sometimes from hole to hole in the same round.

Now I do not profess to have a good game of golf.  But I enjoy it (mostly).  Usually it takes just a few good shots to bring me back to try, try, try again some time later some place else.  I had a few good shots today, but they seemed very few and far between.  So much so that while I couldn't say "a day of bad golf is better than a good day at work" because I'm not working right now, I did say "I think I'd rather be at school today".  Of course, I said that because I did have school this afternoon/evening.  That meant I was there for the morning 18 only rather than the a.m./p.m. 36 holes I usually play.  

Anyway, it has been a FULL day.  After two 3.5 hour lectures back to back at NVCC, I came home in time to see the others (HOMH and youngest niece staying with us this week) off to bed.  Then I turned on Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to watch the end of the third period, expecting Detroit would win and then hoist the Cup as champs.  However Pittsburgh tied the game in the last minute of regulation.  Well, they have just ended Overtime #2 still tied after 100 minutes of hockey.  Oh.  My.  God.  And it has been thrilling!  It reminds me of the way I felt watching the Miracle On Ice.  It's that exciting!  Maybe I'll cuddle with Littl' Bits now while I wait through the intermission.  I have to stay and watch.  

Romance, Disalluisionment and True Joy.  

From golf to school to hockey.  Interesting.  

ADDENDUM:  It is 12:47 a.m.  There will be a Game Six for Lord Stanley's Cup.  Penguins win, 4-3!!