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Which Is Better: 1 or 2?

My initial foray into Discernment has left me with the image of being examined by an optometrist.  

I'm in a dark examination room, peering through an optical device that has some umpteen million lenses, reading an eye chart on the wall.  The Optometrist is working slowly on one eye, and then the other, changing the lenses around, each time saying "Which is Better: 1 or 2?"  With each change, the image before me may clear slightly or may become less distinct based on my response.  It takes time (and patience) to get it right, requiring care by the optometrist as well as myself, to get to the best possible outcome: to see clearly.  For it is clarity we all seek.  And it is what I need as I explore a future ministry. 

Fortunately for my seeing eyes, store-bought magnifying glasses suffice for me to read.  And Thankfully, my distance vision is good so glasses are not required all the time, except for when I do need to read something in smaller print up close.  However, my heart, spirit, mind and soul need to "see" more clearly through living eyes the work I am being called to do.  The image is beginning to come into focus, and I will continue to look for Signs of the Spirit (God's Peace, Joy, Energy, Persistence, Convergence and Fruitfulness) until it is fully clear where God would have me be, and what God would have me do. 

I continue the Journey.  Follow The Way.  Almighty Father, your Seeking Servant prays for guidance.