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Random Dots

o   I'm still waiting for my grade for Religion to post.  Until then, I continue pinching myself in case the "A" in Philosophy is just a dream.

o   When O Rector My Rector is "Chaplain for the Day" at the National Cathedral, I wonder if anyone recognizes him from that Sydney Pollack movie "Random Hearts" (with Harrison Ford).  The movie was horrible, except for the 30+ seconds RHM is seen or heard. 

o   While kneeling at the rail of the High Altar at WNC today, I glanced into the chapel to the left to see the Cana wedding miracle depicted in the reredos behind that altar.

o   Maybe its due to the July 4th holiday, but as I watched on TV, the gallery at Congressional for Day One of the AT&T National PGA ("TIger's Tournament) sure seemed quiet sparse.  Tiger's not here, and maybe the crowds are staying home too.

o   Anytime I have ordered one of the fish specials at Shooter McGee's, I have been wonderfully suprised.  I highly recommend any of them to everyone.

o   After dinner, we enjoyed the refreshing evening with a casual drive into the city.  The Capitol 4th rehearsal had just wrapped when we cruised by.  I love living nearby Washington D.C.  It is a beautiful city, especially at night.

o   In spite of all the fun things we buy for the littl' guy to play with, I seem to be Gibbs' favorite chew toy.  Ouch!

o   I heard tonight Gilbert Arenas agreed to re-sign with the Washington Wizards.  They were prepared to offer him a super huge contract to stay, but said it would be better for the team if he agreed to less $$$.  And apparently he has.  I don't really care, but I certainly didn't see that coming.