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Heart Of My Heart and I took the jaunt all the way up 16th Street into Silver Spring this evening, hoping to attend the AFI/NIH 'Medicine in the Cinema' offering of "Away From Her".  It was the opening session and tonight's topic was Alzheimer's Disease.  Sadly, when we arrived at the AFI Silver Theater, there was still a long line outside after the 7:00 p.m. start time.  I walked to the box office to find a posted sign announcing the showing had sold out.  Okay, we have to get there sooner next time to score the free tickets.  Since it was raining, we quickly found a Thai restaurant to have dinner before heading back home.  Dinner was lovely, and on the way back, we kinda got lost in Rock Creek Park.  Once we figured out where we'd taken the wrong turn, we doubled back, found our way back through the city, across the river and home.  Since a movie buddy gave me a copy of "Away From Her" for my birthday, we could still see the movie.  I'd actually watched it once already, but popped it in hoping we could watch it together.  Well, several phone calls interrupted us and captivated her so she was "away from me" (not really).  It's an interesting movie about loss, separation and loneliness.  But it is also about devotion, persistence and perseverance.  The tag line for the movie is "Sometimes you have to let go of what you can't live without".  True.  Sad, but true.