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Roots and Wings

This morning was the last meeting of the Breakfast Bible Study group until we resume sometime in the Fall.  Our format is breakfast first, then study.  We read the same scripture three times from different texts and share about it speaks to us - words or phrases that grab us, how it relates to life for each of us now, and what it may be calling us to do and be in the week to come.  To close, we 'circle up' to pray for one another and then join in the Lord's Prayer.  During prayer today, one of the images shared that gabbed my ear and touched my heart was "roots and wings".  Meaning how we provide roots for stability and growth and wings to move from here to the next great thing.  We  face the departure of one of our families who go overseas to Moscow for a tour of duty.  We know things we are willing to release and share, whatever they may do, can come back to us.  Eventually.  That's what roots are and why wings are needed.  A dear friend told me yesterday she almost voted 'No' regarding my pursuit toward Postulancy.  Her reason was "I don't want you to leave".  I said that is no reason to say 'No' - if it were, I could've said 'No' some time ago.  We know roots that sustains us and trust wings that carry us.  Wherever it may go, for as long as it needs to be, until we return again.  We know home base.  Our hearts are here, but the work is out there.  Let us go, being of meek heart, and great hospitality, to offer blessings to others with no expectation of anything in return.  For we know we go with God, and that God will always be with us.  Amen.