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Honor Your Father And Your Mother

Derrill Plummer Crosby and Margaret Isabel Edwards Crosby.


My Father and My Mother.  My parents.  I love them and I admire them.   

I hope I honor them in anything and everything I do.  I am happy and proud to be their son.  

My Dad now lives in Peterborough, NH.  My Mom passed into heaven on January 25, 1987. 

Among the many things they imparted to me over the years, they taught me "God is great, God is good!". 

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for everything.  Thank you, God, for them.


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Apr. 4th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
David - The more I read your web page the more I know just how proud I am of you. Your entry today brought tears to my eyes. Thank you and I know your Mom is crying in heaven also with joy and busting at the seams with pride. I had forgotten those pictures. I came across a large cardboard box with lost of old family pictures in it including pictures of your grandparents Edwards. Ill try to reproduce them and send you copies.

Enjoy your walks with God and your dogs. Love - Dad
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