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The Z-Man: He's Doing It!

I've been reading and listening to Jim Zorn, Head Coach of the Washington Redskins.  I like what I'm seeing and hearing. 

He instituted a "No Hazing" policy so veterans wouldn't harass new rookies and free agents.  Zorn said it's hard enough for a player trying to make an NFL squad without having these young guys worrying about who may be coming after them, and how they might be abused or embarassed.  Not his idea.  He got it from Mike Holmgren in Seattle.  But a good thing. 

Also, if you watch any training camp practice coverage, you'll see players with logo-ed helmets and others with only the burgundy helmet.  Zorn expects new guys to "earn the right" to wear the Redskins logo.  I like that.  He says pro football players are given so many things to make it possible for them to play and compete (Oooops, a former coach just crept into the last comment) and he likes having a little incentive item for them. 

Finally, Coach Zorn seems to have a good grasp on what's going on with his players in all three areas of the game: Offense, Defense and Special Teams.  He always sounds aware of who's nicked up, who's stepping up, and who needs to do more.  I was particularly happy to hear him say Fred Smoot must do more cardio-vascular training since he's never passed the conditioning required of all players. 

I'm excited about this guy.  I like Zorn.  He seems very level-headed.  The Z-Man.