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Can I Get A Witness?

Being there amidst the Burgundy n' Gold throng, I marveled over the overwhelming show of support, love and appreciation for two good men who were exceptional football players and are excellent role models.  The trip to Canton for the Hall of Fame enshrinement of Darrell Green and Art Monk was a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Jeffy & Suze, Heart Of My Heart & me were there to be counted among the Redskin faithful who witnessed this great occassion.  We were only there for the induction itself, but in many ways, it felt more like a tent revival.  There was no altar call, but if there'd been bread and wine available, I would have made communion this weekend.  Of the six men of the National Football League who were inducted, two preached.  Green and Monk.  

Darrell said, "I believe that this day is a part of the continuation of God's sovereign purpose and righteous destiny for my life.  And that being knowing Jesus, loving him and making him known.  I did that even as a professional football player everywhere I went.  And that was done through the visibility, the influence, the access, all that God gives us, the Lord gives us, while we play a childhood game.  Can I tell you today at the expense of sounding real self righteous, I belong here?  I.  BE-LONG.  H-E-R-E!  I belong here because I know what to do with it.  I know what to do with God's fame, with God's dollars, with God's visibility, God's influence and relationships.  I know what to do with it.  To Jesus be the glory.  Thank you.  God bless you."

Cheering and applause.

Art shared, "As great as this honor is, it doesn't define who I am or reflect the accomplishments in my life.  I'll always be a Redskin.  That's right.  And even now as a Hall of Famer, the one thing I want to make very clear is that my identity and my security is found in the Lord.  And what defines me and my validation comes in having accepted his son Jesus Christ as my personal savior.  And what defines me is the word of God and it's the word of God that will continue to shape and mold me into the person that I know he's called me to be.  So I've learned a long time ago never to put my faith or trust in man, for man will always fail you.  Man will always disappoint you.  But the word of God says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And he will never fail you."

There was more cheering and much more applause. 

Several times, I stopped and thought, "Come on folks, clap for God!"  Can I get a witness please?!  Amen, brother!

Entering the stadium, we'd hoped the inductions would proceed alphabetically so we could check out some other things around the Hall of Fame before leaving.  But that was not going to happen.  First the Mayor of Canton officially declared it "Washington Redskins Day".  Then Chris Berman of ESPN played to 90-95% of the crowd wearing the Burgundy n' Gold.  Finally, HOF officials must have feared there'd be a major exodus if Green and Monk went in sooner than later so they were pushed back in the order (we don't know that for sure).  It ran longer than the planned three hours, but it was well worth it!  That Art Monk had to go in last almost seemed fitting.  He'd waited this long already.  What was a few more hours?  

To be part of it was truly memorable.  I'm so glad we went.  Congrats to Art and Darrell for your well deserved recognition!  Hail to the Washington Redskins!  (victors of the HOF game 30-16 to start the Jim Zorn era off in good fashion).  WOO HOO!


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Aug. 5th, 2008 05:37 pm (UTC)
Of note...
... none, which is to say nothing, of the religious statements made it onto the knightley knews.
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