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Daddy's Baby Boy

I wasn't gone even 15 seconds, but it was time enough for him.  

I heard a curious thump from the other room.  Turning into the hallway, I could see already that the bed occupied when I left was now empty.  And as if to tell me I didn't say "Dibs on that chair, no take-aways", the older sage lying in the corner just looked at me.  When I peeked around the corner, Lil' Bits tried very hard to lie still and low to blend in with the black leather chair.  His whale-eyed gaze just oozed with tons of adoration, love and gratitude.  "Thank you, Daddy!  This chair is nice and warm and soft."  


Before I move him, I had to love on him.  Gibbs knows he's loved.  And I know he loves me.  He thinks he's safe.  "Yes, you are my sweet baby boy, but know your place!  That's Daddy's chair."  With one hand on a shoulder and the other up under his rump, I  slowly pull him off my throne and help him to the floor.  He slinks across the room into the other, and finds a spot on the couch.  For a short while he sits, leans against the wall, and watches.  "Good puppy.  Daddy loves you.  Good puppy!"  With that, thwarted this time, he slides down with his paws dangling over the front edge of the couch, and looks demurely my way.  "It's a good thing you're cute'.

I do love my Gibbs.


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Aug. 7th, 2008 12:39 pm (UTC)
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