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I Gotta Get Me One Of These!

     The Redskins hosted a car show this past Sunday at Redskins Park.  Checking out the write-up about it, I found the next
     SUPR FAN mobile.  The only drawback?  It isn't a convertible.  Put a ragtop on that baby and I'd be cashing in my pension
     to buy it! 

     Here's an article about the "Best Car Ever?" courtesy of Comcast SportsNet's website.

You couldn't miss this one.  It's parked in the very first spot when you enter the lot in front of Redskins Park.  It's got signatures from current and past players (including Sean Taylor, who signed it "The #1 Hitter") from hood to truck.  It's quite insane. 

Roland Sasser, a friend of Randy Thomas', used to drive this as his "everyday" car.  "I brought it up in '06 and all the players signed it for me, so I retired it after that," said Sasser.

The details on this 2002 Honda Accord are out of this world.  From the "Skin 'Em" custom grill to the Capitol Dome on the hood, everything screams Burgundy & Gold.  Believe it or not, this was a stck Accord when Sasser aquired it.  "Everything is custom done, he remarked as I stared in awe.  "From the inside, to the trunk, to the speakerbox.  I did a lot of the work myself, so I didn't put too much in there.  I'd say all around, I put about five grand into it."

"The burgundy and black is all paint, said Sasser, quickly popping the trunk to reveal two huge subwoofers.  "Everthing else is decals and pinstripes.  It's all reflective.  It glows at night."

"It's always evolving.  Last time I brought it down here, I made a few changes.  I did the Redskins speedometer on the inside.  I changed out my tail lights.  I've done a lot of cool things to it."

I can't say I disagree with that.