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There's A Storm Brewing

That's not a reference to T.S. Fay down south though I pray my in-laws in Jacksonville are spared of rain, wind and possible flooding.

No, Fall Term begins next Monday.  I find myself continually checking NVCC's website to see if enrollment for my Religion classes is sufficient to avoid one or both being cancelled.  Small classes for Survey of the Old Testament and The Life & Teachings of Jesus would be fine, but the numbers are few.  Presently, all my classes are at the Alexandria campus.  However, I may need to look toward Annandale for L&TofJ (since more students have signed up there).  Should that happen, it pretty much rules out singing in the church choir for the fall.  On the other hand, the Intros to Sociology and Psychology are totally booked up and slated for one of the larger lecture halls.  That's good too.  They are classes I took years ago but I figured it would be a good refresher for me.  I bought my textbooks the other day - all lightly used - and have all but one - the last being the Survey of the OT.  My spiritual director the other day thought she detected some anxiety about going back to school.  I corrected her, saying it is really excitement.  I'm looking forward to it, hoping and praying all the classes I want will happen.  It's the calm before the storm.  I realize things will start getting busy next week.