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Catch You On The Flip Side

For several weeks, he had been MIA, not at his usual post on the far side of the 14th Street Bridge.  Yesterday Andrew was back, looking all the worse for wear.  We'd hoped he had taken refuge in a health clinic to get ahead of his demons, but by the looks of him, it's more likely he'd spent time in a holding cell after an altercation with someone.  He didn't look well at all, but he was back.

This morning when we drove into the city, Andrew was again missing.  Sad not to see him, I resigned myself to bringing the bag of snacks and bottles of water back into the house when I returned home.  But as I was leaving the city, there he was.  We'd just been earlier than usual today.  Fortunately for me, traffic was such that I could pull up alongside but behind him and pass him his bag, saying, "Catching you on the flip side today. God Bless". 

It's not much to offer.  And I always hope Andrew won't be there for the right reasons.  Lord, please watch over our friend, Andrew.