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PreSeason Klunker

The Redskins limped (almost literally) to the end of a 47-3 shellacking in the final tune-up game for the starters.  No one - and I mean NO ONE - turned in anything resembling a good effort tonight, although I am inclined to spare the punter and kicker from the rod.  The Carolina Panthers deserve some credit, however Washington gets ALL the blame.  THEY.  STUNK.  OUT.  LOUD.  I mean, IT WAS SO BAD!.  And we supposedly "game-planned" for tonight.  If that's true, this was a TOTAL AND COMPLETE ORGANIZATIONAL DISASTER - neither the coaching staff nor the players did their jobs.  Maybe it was a good wake-up call for the Redskins.  Better to lose like this now rather than later (if, in fact, that can be avoided).  When we've gone undefeated in the preseason, we haven't fared well at all during the regular season.  But it sure seems like we've gotten progressively worse from the high point game at the Hall of Fame to now.  Cutdowns begin next week with the season opener in New York against the Giants only 12 days away.  "We got beat", admitted Jason Campbell during his on-field post-game comments.  DO YOU THINK?  I'D SAY!  LIKE A DRUM!  Then Head Coach Jim Zorn admitted in his post-game presser that "This was very humiliating."  REALLY?  GOOD!  If this was intended to be a dress rehearsal for the season, it resulted in a serious wardrobe malfunction.  I wonder if someone will complain to the FCC this time.  Unlike Janet Jackson, THIS WAS UGG-LEE!