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My Dancing Day

Okay, I admit it, I had to tune in to see who'd be dancing this season... 

the cast of the new "Dancing with the Stars" was announced this morning: 

o  Lance Bass - N'sync (boy band) Star                                      o  Rocco Dispirito - Celebrity Chef
o  Misty May-Treanor - 2x Olympic Beach Volleyball Champ        o  Maurice Greene - Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter
o  Toni Braxton - Grammy-Winning Singer                                  o  Kim Kardashian - Reality Show Star (?)
o  Cody Linley - Hannah Montana Star (18 y/o)                           o  Cloris Leachman - Oscar-Winning Actress
o  Ted McGinley - Actor                                                            o  Brooke Burke - Host & Model
o  Jeffrey Ross - Stand-Up Comedian                                         o  Warren Sapp - Super Bowl Champion


o  Susan Lucci - TV legend & All My Children Star  

Mondays will include dancing & football.  It'll be a great Fall (provided I'm not buried by homework).