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Hello, Bishop Sir!

Psych class had just started when the odd vibration stirred in my backside.  My cell phone.  [I always wonder if what I feel (and can almost hear) translates into anything audible for those nearby.  You know, the flutter off the seat, or whatever.]  I resist looking to see who might be calling [professors really hate that if/when you do it.]  After the second single buzz that a message waited for me, class went on and I didn't think anything more of it.
After class, I found that a fine young man, a former 'yute' from Grace Church, had called while "in the neighborhood".  He now lives in Richmond and works as clerk (and driver) for the Diocesan Bishop ("THE Bishop") of the (Episcopal) Diocese of Virginia.  +PJL was at VTS (the seminary) and MC waiting to ferry him someplace else afterward.  I called to say I was five minutes away, and would be right over.  After hanging up, I had that momentary panic: I'm in my student dregs (shorts, untucked shirt, sneakers) and not really dressed well should opportunity allow me to see (or be seen by) the Bishop.  This is the Bishop I hope and pray will grant me Postulancy to begin seminary next year.  What the heck, I said.  M called.  I should go.  So I did.

Walking toward MC, I thought to myself "this guy cleans up nice"!  He'd purchased a whole new wardrobe for the job, courtesy of an amazing gift from a mentor (No, not me!).  But to say Jos. A. Banks looks good on this guy would be a serious understatement!  We're talking male model in a not-too-pretty-boy way.  We hugged, visited and chatted.  He said my name had been mentioned several times recently in the diocesan office.  Hmm.  I resisted pumping him for information.  After a few minutes, I noticed M looked over my shoulder and said "There's the Bishop".

Turning to him, he greeted me by name, and as we shook hands, I replied, "Hello, Bishop sir!"  He quickly looked to M, asked "Are you ready?" and I knew we were done.  A quick hug with M, and I then watched them walk ahead to their car as M grabbed the Bishop's satchel and opened the car door for him.  Nice!  I had a brief moment of gratitude knowing I'd had a small part in that young man's life.  He's turned out pretty well in spite of that.  I was grateful he thought to call, and that we could visit.

Since I was flying Redkins flags on the convertible, I waited for the Bishop's car to pass before pulling out.  And I went home by a different way. 

Oh, how I would have loved to have been a fly in that car!