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The Long Arm (Dun Dun Dun) Of The Law

Have you ever sat in traffic, I mean SAT.  IN.  TRAFFIC.  Waiting, watching, wondering.... and then seen someone who couldn't bear to sit, wait, watch and wonder right along with you?  You've made your merge early on, got in your lane, and are trying to "cooperate and migrate" with everyone else joining you on the road.  Then some YA-HOO comes barreling down the shoulder, no emergency "blinky-blinky" lights giving authority to pass on by the rest of humanity.  They've just figured they're too much more important than any of the rest of us, and can't bear to wait along with us.  If you're like me, perhaps you think, or even say aloud, "Where's a cop when you need one?"


Today, vindication is mine.  I sat and creeped along with local humanity heading south away from the city and 9/11 rememberance at the Pentagon - traffic was a MESS.  Lots of folks being diverted off of Washington Boulevard onto 395-South and waiting to get onto Glebe Road at the next exit (don't you people pay attention to the news?).  I'd gotten into the far right hand lane for the exit, and slowly moved along, letting in any folks who used their turn signal (it's a pet peeve of mine.... Come on, people... a little courtesy on the roads, please!).  Then this SUV with out-of-state tags (can you quess?) came flying down the shoulder.  Well, only moments earlier, in the lane to the left of me had passed an Arlington County Police cruiser.  As I got closer to the exit (and before I bailed for the next exit to get home this morning), the cop was pulling over the wayward driver.  There's a cop when we needed one!  YAY!  JUSTICE! 

As I went on my way, there were several cruisers pulling over other vehicles due to the same infraction. 

It almost made up for all the times before when no cops were to be found anywhere.