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Crazy Time!

The Personal History & Self-Reflection Questionnaire required for Postulancy is finally done.  Thank the Lord!  (and thank you, sweetheart!)  The diocesan template itself was 8 pages single-spaced - Heart Of My Heart urges me to not fret over my 22 page document.  I'm off to Richmond this morning for the requisite Psychiatric Evaluation.  Hoop #1 please!  Four hours of interviews, observation and testing.  UGH!  All last night, and even still now, there's a little voice in the back of my head yelling, "YOU CRAZY!"

My out-of-town in-laws arrive today for Goddaughter's wedding next weekend.  The first Breakfast Bible Study is tomorrow morning, a family birthday dinner tomorrow night, and church and Redskins on Sunday.  In between all that, I need to 1) write a paper for OT class re: what the Israelites would consider the primary impact of the fall of humankind, 2) study for the first Psych test, 3) write for 1 hour a weekly reflection for the Life & Teachings of Jesus class on John the Baptist, and 4) view a video for Sociology and start research for a roundtable about the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage.  UGH!! UGH!!

The Lord Will Provide.  He has, does and will.  I believe that.  Prayers that my hairline doesn't suffer during all this would be appreciated.

FYI for those watching:  I've lost 10 pounds over the past week and a half.  And my blood sugar counts are back under control.  YAY!