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Now They Matter; Now I Care

In, around and between the work, panic and activity associated with the Postulancy stuff or a family wedding this weekend (which doesn't require heavylifting on my part), there's been lots of class, a ton of reading, and plenty of school work.  Now there's grades to care about.  And I realize these count more than ever, so now I care A LOT (much like how the Redskins fare).  I did well on my first Psych exam and got full points for my first project.  I also received the preferrable "check+" on my in-class reaction paper for Sociology.  No grades yet to speak of from either Religion class, but I have submitted my first writing assignment in OT with another two due next week (YIKES!).  As I drove off-campus today. I found myself revelling in a moment of early successes, and acknowledging it really matters to me now.  Go figure!  I regret a bit it didn't matter so much when I was younger, but I've since grown up.  It is what it is.  Or rather: it was what it was.