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Out Of Two Comes The New

Today, our oldest goddaughter marries a wonderful young man, and we gather to celebrate and give thanks.
                                           mature swatches of fabric
                                    each taken from a separate bolster 
                                                      of cloth
have been matched
have been measured
and then trimmed from the larger of each
to be stitched together
sewn one to another

to become a new creation

this is the day that many families gather to celebrate

A son from one
a daughter from another

to grasp onto each other
and make something New 

a new work no one has seen before
a new life which has never existed until now

now is a time to rejoice

for Grant and Morgan

who take each other
and pledge to one another

wonder, work, play and love

for themselves
with each other

yes, now is a time to celebrate and rejoice

And forever more.