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I Wanna Be a Big Boy Dawg!

And he is!  Seventy-four pounds even!  If I were on the Price is Right, I was over by 1 lb.

Gibbs went for his three-month check-up this morning.  We won't get blood results back until Monday, so for now, we hope and pray for good news re: the Litl' Dude's BUN, Creatinine and Phosphorous levels.  But based on everything the doc saw, he's pleased but tentative.  Hopefully favorable numbers means he can go longer before testing his blood again.  If they're so-so, we'll see.  He's really good with being poked and prodded, even stuck a few times.  The doc asked if the animal shelter was still hounding us about getting him neutered.  I didn't know we were being hounded.  Oh well, if they ask, I know what to tell them.

Thank you, Lord for time we've had.  May it continue to be so.  There's so much more love to give and to be had.  Amen.