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Realities of School and Life

I'm not blogging much these days because work for school is pretty busy and taking much of my time. 

There's at least two questions a week from the OT class requiring 2-3 page papers complete with citations and a bibliography.  We have plowed through the five books of the Pentateuch and are now getting into the Historical Books (Joshua thru Esther - 12 books in all), so it's got me going.  That plus textbook reading and needing, at the bare minimum to browse, if not actually read, the stories in each book of the Bible.  I am getting some good exposure to the Old Testament and the type of writing that may be required should I be fortunate enough to start at 'The Holy Hill' (VTS) next Fall.

Life & Teachings of Jesus class didn't meet this week because the prof was sick.  That's okay.  I find myself behind in writing the weekly reflections.  I'm current on textbook reading, but needing to read a book for a 500-word report that is due later this month.  I'm having a little trouble getting into the required text, so I've been sniffing around for the other book in hopes I could read it first.  I think I'll take the prof's recommendation to read The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions co-written by Marcus J. Borg and N. Thomas Wright.

Quiz #2 in Psychology is next Monday so I'm boning up on Neuroscience and Sensations this weekend amidst everything else.  The next written project, this one about Sleep and Dreaming, is due later this month.  It looks like I'll be recording my nighttime sleeping habits and daytime napping needs for five days to identify patterns in and quality of rest, and my overall alertness/sleepiness.  This should be interesting.

And in Sociology, I turned in my first formal reaction paper re: a PBS documentary we viewed in class, Destination: America.  There have been impromptu in-room 10 minute reaction papers written on various articles we've read for class.  I'm ready for those and go at it.  I didn't notice until after the fact my prof was the author of the last article.  But I nailed it.  The group project on "Same-Sex Marriage: Should It Be Legalized?" is off to a slow start.  Lots on on-line querying, trying to light a fire under subset group members.  I'm fighting the desire of others that I step up to coordinate the effort of 13 people in this group.  More on this later, I'm sure.   

So it's busy.  Reading, noting, reading, noting, and writing, writing, writing,  I'll keep plugging away at it, giving it my best, even if it means long days and later nights.  I'm beginning to see what it's all about.  Hmmmm.  Who's idea was this to take 12 credit hours?  Oh yeah.  The buck stops here.

The Postulancy packet still needs one last bit of writing as well: a written description of the process of discernment from my perspective.  It was suggested to me that RHM+ and I meet with the diocesan-designated member of the Committee on the Priesthood from the Commission on Ministry to prepare for the postulancy interview.  Hopefully we'll do that, or at least begin whatever that becomes, next week.  The psych review says I'm not crazy and the marriage counselor says amidst a lot of other interesting, if not weird, stuff: "Frankly, i cannot imagine a couple whose marriage is better suited to help sustain ordained ministry.  They impressed me not just with their strengths, but with the skill and care they bring to managing vulnerabilities too".  Thank you, God!  I think our work and ministry with Episcopal Engaged Encounter for over 25 years paid its additional dividends right then and there!     

Finally, this morning I learned a former Visa colleague's father had passed away, and that a very good work friend was being RIF'd.  S called me to ask for prayers as she entered a meeting where she expected to be terminated.  I prayed for strength and courage in the face of adversity and rejection.  I pray S will see the door that opened for her when the Visa door was shut.  I know my friend who lost his father will be okay from his own words that he shared.  His email announcing his father's passing was quite eloquent with words of feeling, meaning and spirituality I did not know he would know or understand. 

I know 'The Lord Will Provide'.  He always has.  Not only for me, but for my loved ones and friends also.  I rest in His love, and ask for His continual care.  Almighty Father, your Seeking Servant prays for guidance.