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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

To say SUPR FAN is happy tonight is an understatement.

The Washington Redskins have just completed their divisional road games in the NFC East with a 2-1 record after coming back to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 23-17.  This team is doing some amazing things, things we Redskins fans are not quite accustom to them doing.  Like coming back to win after going down quickly by two touchdowns early in the 1st quarter.

We are now 4-1 overall and making more than a few heads turn around the league.  Me thinks the cat is finally out of the bag!  Next we have a couple of home dates against teams we really should beat.  Maybe the bigger test is coming - to see if they'll beat folks they should beat.  

But for now, the lightness of the air, and the bliss in my heart is palpable.  I love when my team loves me back!  It make me very happy!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!