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Political Photo-Op

Never did I imagine my picture would be in the paper associated with anything political.  However I got caught.  Del. Brian Moran (D-46) came to NVCC Alexandria Monday night to speak for the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket. 

Chris, a democratic faithful who organized/promoted the event, had worked the cafeteria pretty thoroughly in the day to invite students to come hear Moran speak.  However he waltzed past me several times without stopping to invite me.  I was a bit peturbed.  He wore a Patrick Ramsey (#11) Redskins jersey and I was attired accordingly following the 'Skins 5th victory of the season.  Fortunately there are video screens all about the Bisdorf building to tout things like this on campus.  So I decided to go.

Let it be known there were far more students in attendance than the photo shows.  It is unfortunate Chris didn't walk around to the other side of the lecture hall to capture the larger crowd.  But to attest to the facts: 1) I am a student at NVCC, 2) I am SUPR FAN, and 3) I am very interested in what happens in this historic presidential election, the picture shows I was there.

It's not a great picture, but the distinguished looking gentlemen bedecked in Burgundy and Gold is me.  The event was sponsored by the Young Democrats For Change.  Though I'm hardly "young", I am a Democrat For Change. 


For a better look, see Pg 4. in this week's Alexandria Gazette Packet (Vol. CCXXIV, No. 43, October 23, 2008).