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Redskins Post-Mortem

Everyone seems to be thanking the Redskins for taking one for the country and putting Obama in the White House.  Personally, I would have preferred two victories, thank you very much.  But I heard that Coach Zorn is a Republican and the players roster is predominantly Democrat.  Hmmmm.  Oh, never mind.

My parting comment about this past home game vs. the Steelers: I HATE THE BURGUNDY-ON-BURGUNDY UNI!!!!
I have dubbed it the Redskins' version of the "Thug uniform".  It's no better than other teams that think a big, bad persona can be projected by wearing all-black.  UGHH!  Why are we messing with tradition when the Washington Redskins are one of the more storied franchises in the entire National Football League.  Bring back the burgundy pants and white jerseys or white pants with burgundy jerseys.  What we wore the other night looked more like a high school team or, even worse, one of the teams in Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday".  Comical at best.  U-U-U-U-G-L-Y at worst.

Cut it out.  Now!  I mean it!  CUT IT OUT!!