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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

This morning as we readied to leave the house, Heart Of My Heart picked out for me a pair of gloves that Lil' Bits had yet to chew up.  She realized it would be frigid outside, and that the car's steering wheel would be cold too.  I was glad to have them available, so I put them on.  As we crossed the 14th Street Bridge into the city, we began the handoff of a bag of snacks and drinks assembled for our homeless vet friend known as "Andrew by the bridge".  Rather than "fly-by", we were able to stop and see him for a moment.  It was painfully obvious he was cold.  He moved very little.  It was as if he was huddled back in on himself as tight as he could be, trying to hold off the elements.  I noticed the dirty white clothe gloves he was wearing and asked about them.  They were mostly cosmetic and barely anything that actually kept his hands warm.  As I offered to get him a good pair of gloves this weekend, I realized it would be another six days before I might see Andrew again.  And with that, I pulled off the blue gloves I was wearing and handed them to him.  "Here, you need these more than I do."  Andrew seemed stunned and mumbled quiet thanks.  I only hoped he would use them.  When we pulled away, I looked at HOMH and said, "That's why you picked out those gloves today."  Fr. Bob+ says there are no coincidences, only "God-incidents".  As I started to drive back home, I began thinking of the numerous ways my Lord God has blessed me in my life.  My thanksgivings are never enough, and no where near hardly fully sufficient for the wonder of the Almighty's love which is evident to me.  I am truly blessed beyond measure.  And when I passed Andrew, he was wearing those gloves.  It warmed my heart.  Thank you, Lord.


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Nov. 19th, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
You'll love this...outside a church, I saw a sign that said "Love thy neighbor? Even if they are a cowboys fan"
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