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Grow, Baby, Grow!

I do love when a plan comes together! 

After meeting with the COPS last week, I put down my razor in hopes I might be invited to play a certain bishop from a far away land called Myra in a few weeks.  Nicholas will make his annual visitation to Grace Church the 2nd Sunday in Advent.  This could well be my final opportunity to appear in what I feel is "the best dress-up role" I have ever had.  So lest anyone think I was kicked out of the house, or have fallen on hard times, or was just plain being a slob, be not afraid.  I'm merely hard at work trying to get "into character" by squeezing out a full beard to represent this important person well.    
Fortunately Nicholas visits Grace the Sunday before I go meet the Bishop seeking Postulancy.  GROW, BABY, GROW!