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Food and Fellowship

We attended our first Newcomer's Dinner at Grace since the reception moved from our former rectory to the church parish hall auditorium.  I really appreciate the way our church gathers so easily and warmly when we break bread together.  As homey and intimate as it was for the Rector and his family to open their home and host this event, it was an imposition on them.  Parking was sometimes an issue, accessibility to the house itself was problematic at times, and being able to offer childcare if necessary could be awkward - these were concerns we always had to overcome.  But having this function now in the church building itself rectifies those issues of where you go, where you park, if you can get up to where the gathering is being held, and where childcare would be accomodated.  But more than that, just gathering at the church to meet and greet, visit and kibbitz, and dine with and enjoy one another's company is a true pleasure and delight.  Hospitality is a spiritual gift, and Grace is blessed to have so many people who share that gift and offer it to others.  Each time I pause to remember the food fellowship that Jesus enjoyed during his ministry here on earth,  Each month, at the Saturday morning bible study we have a simple breakfast and our informal motto is "Come, eat and be filled".  It is no less that when we gather over other meals, or as part of receptions or parties when a bible is not in front of us.  Sometimes, the only bible people ever need "read" is the example we put before them.  This is one of Christian Community in Action and I am happy to be one among you.  Thank you all for your gifts of time, talent and treasures when we gather to break bread together.  And to those who are new among us, Welcome - we're glad you're here!