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And The Light He Called Day

After finally stirring and rising, readying to drive Heart Of My Heart into work this morning, my first glance out the window suggested it was cold and bleak with snow perhaps in the forecast.  Then I ventured outside to the warmer than expected temperature and watched the light increase in the world around me.  

This is a wonderful time of year in the Nation's Capital.  As we approached the city, illumination of the yet unseen brilliant orb bathed the underside of the clouds.  Muted pinks morphed into fiery reds with shaded patches of purple.  I imagined the Almighty Father had opened his 64-set of Crayolas and was determined to use every one in the box.  But I realize the Creator has more colors available at His fingertips than we could ever imagine as He paints the sky. 

WOW!  Double WOW!  

During this Advent, we quietly watch and full of hope, we wait for The Light of the World.  Stop, look and wonder.  How Great is our God!