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My Lord's Prayer

It is officially end of the fall semester, so papers, presentations, final essays and exams are what is in store for me for the next eight days.  I should be upstairs writing or reading something, but too much school work and no down time makes my head hurt real bad.  So I'm sitting in front of the TV, watching the final episode of "Boston Legal".  (Ba-Ba-Bada-bam-dampa-da: coolest theme song in a long time!)

Anyway, I thought I'd post my written translation of The Lord's Prayer from my Life & Teachings of Jesus class this evening.  The rules from the professor were we could not use any key words from the prayer as it appears in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.  You can look them up to see if I played fair, but I only had five minutes:  

                                                           Almighty One,
                                            Above, around, in and through me, 
                                                 I praise your holy presence. 
                                           May your design for our existence
                                       here in the sphere of this life be known, 
                                         may your intention for us be revealed 
                                           as it is with you and may be with us. 
                                       Provide for our needs as we need them
                                                 in this time and place for our 
                                                    joint purpose and benefit. 
                                          Wipe clean the slate of our offenses
                                            and unburden us of our emotions, 
                                              hurts and aims so to erase the 
                                               offenses of others towards us
                                                      And spare us the snare 
                                                   of things that would trap us,
                                            and rescue all from the hands of the
                                                         deceptive adversary.   

What an interesting exercise!  This could be a fun thing for our confirmands to work during one of their overnights.