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Things To Do, People To See

Today was the beginning of the end.  It's Finals Week.  Actually, it began last Wednesday when I received the take-home essay exam for my Sociology class.  I turned that in today, along with the bibliography I compiled for the Legalize Same-Sex Marriage group as we presented today.  It was not pretty, and it was rushed, but it is done.  So officially that's one class down, with three more to go:  Life & Teachings of Jesus (LTJ), Old Testament (OT) and Psychology (PSY),

For LTJ, I still have to write a 2nd book review (which I need to finish reading), to finalize (finish writing) Journal entries, AND complete my 2-hour take-home essay exam.  The OT class requires a last 7-9 page research paper (w/ citations & bibliography) comparing/contrasting the Song of Hannah vs. The Magnificat.  (I've mentioned there's two of us in this class, and the other person is auditing, right?)  Lastly, PSY is just a final exam on the last two chapters of the semester (Thankfully, not a cumulative thing!)  WHEW!!  

This, too, shall pass.  BEDE-BEDE-WHOOOOSH!

But tomorrow is the visit with the Bishop Coadjutor of Virginia to gain Postulancy. I just heard from my friend who went before him today, and she was accepted.  YAY!  So it sounds like a 30-minute interview.  I'm excited.  I have no assurances, but I am filled with hope.  God called me and I believe that what needs to happen, will happen.  This whole journey thus far has been one affirmation after another, and I do not see an end to the road yet.  May it be God's intention to use me as He can, arm me as He must, and to lead me where He will. 

He called me.

Here am I, Lord.  Send me!


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Dec. 11th, 2008 12:11 pm (UTC)
Good Luck! I am thinking about you and wishing you well.
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