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Loving Leisure and Intently Loving

I love days when there is nothing that requires me to rise early, move quickly, go faster or farther or do anything specific.  These kind of days seem to be far and few between, so when they do come, they are meant to be savored and enjoyed.  Like today.

It is still very cold outside, but the sunlight was streaming through the window over our bed before I rose.  Of course, the dogs had clean dishes from the dish washer, and putting the dirty dishes in the machine;  Playing a little soft music to lighten the air around us, and to casually visit with one another while life waits for us to join it.

This is sanctuary, and I love it.  God provided me the sanctuary I find in this woman, Chrissie, my wife.  And I thank Him for that by loving her. 

God is great, God is good.  Thank you for loving us. woken Chrissie once (or twice maybe) earlier to go out to "strip tanks" and then be fed.  But thankfully, she came back upstairs and we lounged around not even worrying about the next thing that might prompt our rising.

It is mornings like this, when reading the paper cover to cover over cups of coffee with dogs sleeping at our feet, reminds of us of just blessed we are.  And I take the opportunity to minister to my bride by bringing her a cup of java that she had started for us, and fixing her a little something to eat for breakfast.  Nothing fancy, but something done with loving intent.  Also, straightening up the kitchen, putting away 

(P.S.  Yes, court continues next Tuesday. Oh well, that's life!)