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Fellowship Over Football

Due to the Washington Redskins' late season slide all but eliminating from them from playoff contention, the invitation to family, friends and football buddies everywhere to gather at the Casa for today's game offered something a bit different.  Gone was my regular season edict when the game was in progress of "Only Football Spoken Here", replaced by "Fellowship Over Football."  We agreed to visit and kibbitz with food and drink, and hope a football game might break out.

We didn't see the volume of folks we're accustom to, but then Christmas is only four days away.  Our visitors did include three lovely nieces, a sweet goddaughter, a new homeowner and neighbor, our wonderful priest and the appearance of a long lost friend. 

And lo and behold, a game did break out... and it was good!  Not necessarily a barn-burner we had hoped for, but a gutty performance by the Redskins to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles. 

E-A-G-L-E-S.... LOSERS! 

10-3 is a victory in our book, and we're glad to have it.  Hail to the Washington Redskins!