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Thank You to the Unknown Angel(s)

Yesterday afternoon after the regular mail had arrived, more 'mail' slid through the Casa door.  I figured someone received a solicitation intended for us they thought we might really need.  After a few moments, I wandered over to find a small lone envelope, with a handwritten note on the front, "For Andrew..... $50 each".  Inside were two gift cards, one to CVS and the other to McDonald's.  I looked out hoping to catch a glimpse of the generous angel.  But no one was there to thank then and there.  

This morning when I drove Heart Of My Heart to work, along with the regular bag of cheese sandwiches, fruit, other snacks, bottles of water and hand/foot warmers we carry into the city for our homeless friend stationed at the 14th Street Bridge, we had a separate envelope.  We had placed the enveloped received yesterday as it was in a Christmas card addressed to Andrew.  We did not sign the card.  When I handed it to Andrew, I said "This is the gift from an unknown angel.  It is not from us".  Looking so cold and somewhat frail, Andrew still answered with "Thank you.  God Bless You."

I hope this is an okay way to convey his thanks to the appropriate angel(s).  To the angels we know, and those we don't:

On behalf of 'Andrew by the bridge', "Thank you.  God Bless You."