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Blessings and Peace

We're away up north in the quaint little township of Amherst, MA.  It is apparently called the 'Five College area' due to the higher education institutions in these surrounding parts: Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mt. Holyoke, Smith College, and U-Mass at Amherst.  I also learned on the train coming up here that it is pronounced Am-erst (where the 'h' is silent).   

We are fortunate guests of dear, dear friends.  A was once assistant Rector at Grace, Alexandria and is now P/T at Grace, Amherst, but currently on maternity leave due to the latest arrival in their family, M.  Husband S is teaching at U-Mass.  And there's also first daughter L who is now three years old, and R the wonder dog.  R is a lovely black labrador pup, and I admit, having a dog to hug on while we're away is quite nice. 

S and A have a lovely home, and we are enjoying some much needed downtime at the end of this year.  A's mother was a member of the COPs (Committee on Priesthood) who recommended me for Postulancy, and the one who called to tell me.  Our families, A's and mine, go way back to St. C's in Springfield, VA (although we didn't know one another then).  Anyway, it reminds me of how small and intimate the world can be if we only allow it.  And we all share a common bond in the Redskins (even if the 2008 campaign is already over). 

Even while we're away, the next things for me begin to crystalize.  I heard from the Big Old Seminary on the Holy Hill it is too late to enroll for any spring course(s) while I make application to begin in the Fall.  So I'll take a New Testament class offered by the professor at NOVA with whom I just finished Old Testament.  That, I know, will keep me plenty busy, and prepare me even more for the Fall.  I've sent a request to attend the Conference on Ministry at VTS in February.  And, of course, the actual application for VTS needs to be completed.  GRE prep is part of all that, and finding a study skills improvement course is something I want to do also.  The COPs encouraged me to do this, but I'd already identified it as something to consider myself.

So we are away and having quiet, easy fun.  We'll leave here New Years Day to train back to the Big Apple for some theatre and our own brand of fun in a different big city.  But I merely acknowledge the many gifts of this time: to be with friends, to relax, and quietly rejoice in the goodness of life.  Life IS good.  Thank you, Lord, for our many blessings. 


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Dec. 31st, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)
Of course the "h" is silent! Beware of the ever mobile "r" too - they appear and disapeah all the time.
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