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Weird & Worrisome

After registering on-line for spring classes, I ventured over to campus.  I wanted to get cash for some textbook/study guides from last semester, and then buy books for my new classes.  However, to do the first and get cash to do the other, I had to give in and finally get a NOVAcard.  It's a picture student-ID.  I hadn't really needed one beforehand, but it was necessary now in order to cash out books.  The looks I got from the 20-somethings gathered there as I stood for my photo were almost laugh-out-loud funny.

I'd bought a lightly-used Psychology textbook & study guide set and Sociology text for fall classes.  Since both professors used Powerpoint decks for their lectures, I read for classes and made my notations on the PPT slides.  So the books remained lightly used, and I got enough $$$ for them to buy the one lightly-used text for my NT class (the Religions in America class had no books specified). 

When I inquired about an out-of-stock chart book that accompanies the NT text, the bookstore coordinator said some books had yet to be ordered, awaiting class enrollments to require them.  It appears the college has higher class size minimums for spring term, and both my classes are at risk of being cancelled due to low enrollment.  When I came home, I sent emails to my professors to touch base.  They both taught smaller than usual classes last semester, but may not be allowed to do that this semester.  I hope for good news from them.