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A Shout-Out For A Teacher

Tonight we had the opportunity to attend a 'show' at T.C. Williams High School, the only public high school in the City of Alexandria.  Our friend, AB, had the winning bid on a Titan Expo Scholarship offering to visit the school's planetarium.  I never knew our high school had a planetarium, did you? 

While the tools and technology of the facility are indeed noteworthy, the most impressive aspect there is the human element.  Bob Nicholson, a 31 year veteran of Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), is the planetarium coordinator who also serves as the Elementary School Science Coach.  WOW!  This guy is quite knowledgable, very engaging and extremely fun! 

This is likely not his first, and it surely is not his last, but Bob Nicholson deserves this 'Shout-Out'. 

If you have the chance, go see him in action.  Thanks, AB!