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A Gentle Homecoming

I'm Altar Guild crew leader this coming week.  This afternoon, I went to the church to grab keys, ready the sacristy for tomorrow's work, change out the High Altar fair linen, wick some candles and make lists.  Wicking candles is my least favorite thing of any and all things that I do as crew leader.  But today I was in the church by myself.  And the quiet calmness of that holy space was very much welcome.  We'd been away, but there is always joy in the coming home.  That was complete for me today.  Many exciting things happen this weekend with the Guild's semi-annual brunch tomorrow and corporate communion Sunday.  New kneeler covers will be blessed at three services, and there are three baptisms between two services.  We recognize and thank the outgoing Christmas 2008 president of the Guild and welcome the incoming Easter 2009 president.  As I remember my presidencies, they seem so much easier in retrospect than when I approached either term.  The Altar Guild does so much work for God, our clergy, and the people of Grace Church.  I give thanks for all of it.  It's good to be back home.