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A Comment On Bible Commentaries

I spent the better part of today and tonight sifting through different Bible Commentaries.  I was researching portions of scripture from The Book of Isaiah assigned for the evening VTS Lay School class Chrissie and I take together.  We have accumulated several commentaries in our own library at home, perused others on-line via the internet, and then I spent time in the Grace Church library.  There were some that were really hard to get through (scholarly versions), and there were some easier to read and comprehend (written for the lay person).  Can you guess which I liked best?  Yea, I thought you could.  

I found some really thoughtful interpretations which ultimately opened up these readings to me.  But sometimes I feel we over-intellectualize scripture and it has led some to believe there is only one good and proper (right) way to hear and apply the Bible.  When I lead a bible study, I like to use the African Model of Reflection, otherwise known as Praying with Scripture.  Using this method, we are free to let the Bible, something written so long ago, speak to us both individually and collectively right where we are in the here and now.  And the fun part is:  No commentaries needed.

I understand my journey in the pursuit of Holy Orders could lead me to plenty of scripture and lots of bible commentaries.  However a bible scholar I will never be.  In fact, I hope I never lose my 'identity' as a layperson because any preaching or teaching I may do somewhere down the road, I would hope we would explore the Bible together, and learn its relevance today for all of us.