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Guess Who Came To NOVA Today?

It's been a slow start to the new semester.  I don't feel any flow just yet.  It's been hard to getting into a rhythm and get excited about reading and writing assignments.  But today I had an epiphany and may have figured out why. 

This semester, I'm only taking two courses.  Both are religion classes (which is good).  That's six credit hours.  But they are night classes.  And by night classes, I mean night classes.  Tuesday night 7:30-10:20 p.m.  Thursday night 7:30-10:20 p.m.  There's little to no on-campus activity when you drive to school in the late evening, walk into class, and then leave even later that night.  I like both profs and the classes are interesting topics.  But there's little there right now to make the experience overly exciting. 

So today, I decided to pack up my books and go for some on-campus time.  I just needed to be around people for a while.  It felt good and I was glad I went.  As I walked in from the parking lot, there was a silver sedan with DC plates and two black Suburbans idling in the traffic lane in from of the main building.  That traffic circle is usually chained off as a pedestrian zone.  Apparently, the newest member of the Northern Virginia Community College faculty was on-site.  
It was Dr. Biden's first day of school.  Now I realize things have only just changed in the last week, but when I've shared the news about her coming to NOVA with folks, no one has immediately realized who Jill Biden is.  She's the new Vice President's wife.  Spouse of VPOTUS.  The Second Lady.  Dr. Jill Biden, English Professor. 

I hurried inside and strolled down to the Humanities faculty office, curious to see if the Secret Service was out in force.  I didn't venture in for fear I'd be subjected to screening or shake-down because I couldn't remember if my one prof had office hours then.  But as I walked to the far end of the hallway, I did see a gaggle of young men wearing suits with earpieces all standing together.  These guys looked so young.  Maybe the Veep's family gets the newer agents.  Or perhaps they're just trying to fit in on a college campus. 

I snuck upstairs to catch a picture of the vehicles waiting out front.  Nope, no one came and grabbed me.

Anyway, that was pretty cool and it put a little skip in my step.  I know it's kinda silly but what the heck!  I may go on-campus to do my reading and research just for a little community and humanity.  It should make things a bit more interesting.


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Jan. 27th, 2009 12:53 pm (UTC)
Making you famouser
I just sent a link to this essay to the Higher Ed program at GMU. My outfit.

I copied CDCrosby81 so you should have a copy of my sparkling erudition and wit.
Jan. 27th, 2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
And, just to be pedantic...
The initialization is generally VOTUS; that way it can be pronounced "vote-us".
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