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You Honor Me

The Provost of NOVA's Alexandria campus recently wrote, offering me his congratulations, and extending an invitation to membership with the International Honor Society for two-year colleges, Phi Theta Kappa.  I became eligible by virtue of my academic performance thus far.  Certainly, the opportunity to be associated with the Society's distinguished alumni, including late Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, astronaut Fred Haise and journalist Jim Lehrer is very tempting.  

I am honored by this attention, however I cannot accept.  The opportunities which accompany this are things I will not capitalize on because my time and studies at NOVA cease at the end of this semester.  I am not working towards a two-year degree program  I am in rehearsal as a student, again, hoping to begin seminary in August. 

Heart Of My Heart suggested I note this invitation on my application to VTS.  I just might do that.  It was nice to be invited.


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Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:11 am (UTC)
And deine beliebte Chrissie's brudda..
...thinks you should join BECAUSE that will be something for your future parishioners -- esp the children thereof -- to aspire to; making two important points:
1. Community Colleges are good starts (and also good second chances); and,
2. You can excel in Community Colleges.

So -- If the dues aren't too onerous -- g'ahead 'n' join!
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