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Tonight the older brother of my best friend growing up called to say B had been in a bad motorcycle accident.  The details seem sketchy.  If not for Heart Of My Heart sitting with me and hearing some of what I asked or was told, I'm not sure how much I would have remembered.  He was riding not far from his home with friends following after him when he apparently cleared a hill and caught a steel cable across the face.  Going about 60 mph.  The headgear he uses is like that silver helmet that Sargent Klink wore on "Hogan's Heroes".  M said the cable tore him up pretty badly and, while surgeons may still be working on him even now, he is expected to survive.  B is one tough son of a gun!  However, they may not be able to save his eyesight.

I cannot even imagine what B is feeling, thinking, or imagining right now.    

I've known B, M and the P family for almost 44 years.  Our families are tight.  B is still one of my very best friends.  He is a BFF.  We grew up in the same Springfield neighborhood across the street from one another.  I wouldn't say we were completely inseparable, but we definitely were a pair.  We played football and baseball together, were in marching band at the same time, and rode our bicycles on the C&O Canal.  When we were younger, I was taller and stronger, but B has always been the smart one.  We'd wanted to go to the U.S. Naval Academy together, but that didn't pan out.  He went Marines and I would have stayed Navy.  We were in each other's wedding.  And even now, when we end a visit or close a phone conversation, we say "I love you" to each another.  

Sadly, a state line and maybe a 30-45 minute drive one way or the other is all that separates us.  But we really suck at getting together as we should.  There's always a reason we don't get together.  Not necessarily good reasons.  It always seems life is too busy for one or the other and our schedules never completely mesh together.  B and I committed a long time ago we would always be there for one another.  But we have taken that for granted.  Of late, more often than not, we seem to meet at the hospital.  One time for his father,  Another time for his brother.  And now, tomorrow, for him. 

Damn it.  This totally sucks.  I'm sick from what I heard tonight.  I'm afraid of what I'll find tomorrow when I arrive. 

Gracious God, Heavenly Father, I'm arriving late to this mess, but you've been there since before it happened.  That B didn't leave us then and there is no doubt a miracle in itself.  That he spoke with his wife before going into surgery is a sure sign your grace surrounds him.  For that, I give thanks to you and praise your holy name.  Please continue to abide with B, and all the doctors, nurse and technicians who tend to him and offer him care.  You are the Great Physician, and we seek the fullness of your love, mercy and grace for B.  We pray your soothing presence and healing touch will fill him, to sustain him and strengthen him.  Abide also, O Dear and Loving Lord, with his wife and children, his parents and siblings, and the rest of us family and friends.  Be with all who wait, and watch, and worry this night.  Accompany me as I go tomorrow, and be with any who are unable to come, that we all might know your great compassion and loving care.  I pray the Holy Spirit will fill me with grace, peace and love to be a comfort to B, and all those who love him, and all who he loves; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.