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Puppy Kisses

Dogs just know.  They can read our moods, sense our psyches, and know our ways. 

For me, they are God's very best, most true example here on earth today of pure, unconditional love.

I sat here with my eyes shut, trying to comprehend what it would be like to no longer see.  I failed. 

This is not real.  Light still creeps into my head through my eyelids.  Even microscopic gunk floats by on my eyeball.

It is not total darkness.  It is not real.  And it is not final.

I cope with Gibbs being not fully formed in the kidney department, praying our love will cause some to sprout.

But I struggle now with the possibility that B has lost his eyes and his sight.    

I wept and I wailed, I even railed at God about the injustice of this horrible situation.

Then Gibbs quietly hopped off the couch, approached me, climbed up and began kissing away the tears from my eyes.

Softly.  Carefully.  Completely.  

His puppy kisses restored me.  Soothed me.  Comforted me.  Such love.  I am so blessed. 

I wish I could take Gibbs to Baltimore to kiss B's eyes.  I believe it would help. 


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Feb. 4th, 2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
it would help. if only you could sneak him in...
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