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Ideas For Detroit

Confession time:  I have traffic anger management issues, mostly, but not solely, due to two things:

1) Stupid idiots who fail to use their turn signals, and 2) self-important, inconsiderate lane cheaters.  

The first offense is obvious.  It seems fewer people use turn signals these days.  They must expect the rest of us are telepathically aware of their every need, want and intention as they drive.  Come on, people!  Lane cheaters are people who drive all the way up to an intersection in the left- or right-turn only lane and then dart into the thru-traffic lane.  You're out there, I've seen you, and you know who you are!

Anyway, I've been culling together a list of enhancements for our automobiles as 'standard equipment':

1)  Pressure-activated seat surfaces and safety belt contact points.  These require occupied seats have seat belts fastened before the car can: a) be started, or b) if already started, move.  If the belt contact disengages while the pressure sensor detects a fanny in the seat, the car goes into neutral and coasts until the 2-point check is restored. 

2)  Solar-sensitive or moisture-detecting sensors.  These prompt headlights to illuminate in early evening, late night and early morn, foggy or cloudy conditions or whenever there is any kind of precipitation.  Better yet, make lights come on and stay on while the car's ignition is engaged.  To turn them off, turn off the car.

3)  Animal-eradication system from driver-seat space.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm a pet person and I love me my dawgs.  But I don't want either one of them in my lap while I drive.  For that matter, no one else should operate a motor vehicle with a pet of any kind in their lap.  Maybe a high-pitched sound emitted from the steering column that drives the animal to the back of the vehicle, or something like the invisible fence concept.

Now, for the issues that kicked off this rant, they're addressable but by better minds than mine.  There are a lot of conditions and exceptions to be figured out.  I started, but quickly realized I was only beginning to scratch the surface.  Suffice it to say, something CAN and SHOULD be done.

Soon.  Or I may need therapy.  (Okay, you can quit your snickering right now!)     


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Feb. 13th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
If we just prohibited BMWs and anyone from Maryland from being able to hit the road, we'd all be alot better off. I'm just sayin..... jm
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