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Loving Ministry

This afternoon/evening and most, if not all of tomorrow (Valentine's Day), Heart Of My Heart and I will be at the Big Old Seminary on The Holy Hill.  We're attending the VTS Conference on Ministry, which is basically an "open house" for prospective seminary students.  

Today includes registration, a tour of the campus, social hour before dinner, a community eucharist, followed by coffee and dessert with a welcome from the Dean & President of the Seminary.  Saturday is a full day.  The morning includes: breakfast, Morning Prayer, several briefings on the History & Mission of VTS, Spiritual Formation & Community Life, Academic Life, and Financial Aid.  After lunch, we'll tour the library, sit in separate discussion groups for prospective students and spouses, etc., have dinner in student or faculty homes, and enjoy a variety show.  Sunday allows for worship at the Washington National Cathedral "or in area churches" - we'll be at home with Grace.  I appreciate times have been set aside for prayer throughout the weekend.  That seems good and right to me.

It is both funny and appropriate this conference should be this weekend, it being Valentine's Day and all.  We've been looking forward to this, and now it is here.  HOMH and I have shared so much ministry together, and this is the next step in our journey.  I love her so dearly.  I am so very blessed to have her share her life with me, and for her to join with me in all of this. 

I must complete the application, get one more recommendation, and take the GREs.  Uggh.  Yes, that last part I dread. 

During Intros tomorrow, I might share how my Bishop said he "would be happy and pleased for [me] to attend VTS, for [he] believe(s) it is one of the very best seminaries for our Church, and [he] thinks highly of the Dean".  HOMH might check my nose afterward.