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Big Old Seminary

We're home from the COM at the Big Old Seminary on the Holy Hill.  It was a full day and a half.   


Today being Valentine's Day, I realized the BOS (as my friend Rev-2-b-Mibi, who we finally met last night, calls it) has already been part of our lives for 35 years!  It's how Heart Of My Heart and I ultimately met when our fathers began seminary together way back in 1974.  As the Rector says, there are no coincidences, only God-incidences!  Of all the things I saw, heard and experienced, the holiness of this place and the community of faculty, staff and students really stood out.  Pretty Cool!  And the faculty introductions were most memorable.  The playful banter between OT & NT, Church History, Systematic Theology & Christian Ethics profs was both amusing and informative.  They completely sold me.  Not that I was considering anywhere else.  Lord willing, and the creek don't rise, I will start here in August.  While there's lots still to digest and reflect upon from our time this weekend, this is where I hope to be. 

I belong here.  I BE-LONG HERE!