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I Wanna 'Get Time Back' Clock

It's not for me.  I want it for my friend B and his family.

I went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" tonight while Heart Of My Heart had a 'girls night in' dinner with good friends.  The opening of BB tells the story of a blind clockmaker commissioned to build a clock for the New Orleans train station.  After receiving news his son was KIA during World War I, the craftsman continued his work on the clock.  At the unveiling, he announced his purposeful design for to run backwards was with the hopes the special timepiece would bring back those who were lost in the war.

I was somewhat distracted by the hope for such special clock that I probably missed the next five minutes of the film.

Later in the movie, Benjamin recounts a series of events which all led up to a tragic accident.  If any one thing had happened differently, maybe a second earlier or a moment later, fate could have been foiled and the accident averted.  Again, I found myself hoping for that 'get time back' clock.

As I left the theatre, I stopped at a BB floor display to read the movie's tagline: "Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments."

Minutes.  Moments of time.  Some are fortunate instances.  Others are regrettable.  Most, if not all, are irreversible.

Its pretty likely my friend B will never see again.  His motorcycle accident two weeks ago yesterday stole his eyesight.  And ever since, I find that I look twice at everything I see, first for me and then for him.  Try as I might, and it scares me to try, I cannot imagine the darkness he has sat in for the past sixteen days.  Once, I woke in the middle of the night, startled by a dream in which I'm with him, and something prompts me to blurt out, "B, you gotta see this!" 

He can't.  He won't.  And that seems so bloody unfair in any number of ways.  I know there's no magic timepiece to turn back time, but I continue to hope and pray some kind of sight might still be afforded B.  I think of how coincidences conspire, leading to things happening.  When they're good happenings, we call them "God-incidences".  When they have catastrophic consequences, I often think: "Shit happens".  Well, this is shitty.  And I refuse to believe God intended any of it to happen.  For now, I can only pray and wait.

O Heavenly Father, Gracious Lord, please hear my prayer for our brother B.  He is my brother and I love him so.  Be present with him this night and every day after.  We pray for your healing touch and soothing words to comfort him, and all those who love him, and those that he loves.  Instill in B the strength, courage and understanding necessary to move forward, to know and treasure the life he still has, even though it has changed.  Dear Lord, you are the Great Cure-Giver.  Please mend B in heart, mind, body and spirit.  We entrust his care to you, and those doctors, nurses, technicians and orderlies who all tend to him and his family.  Thank you, Lord for your mercy.  Please bestow upon him to grace to heal well and live strong.  In Jesus' Holy Name.  Amen.