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Picking Up Where I Left Off

Tonight I was used.  In class.  As an example.  To others. 

My New Testament-Early Christianity prof held up my first two papers to the class tonight as examples of the type of writing, style, content and format he expects.  (He'd already broken me in during OT last semester.)  I had yet to see how I'd done and I was a little anxious because I felt distracted and not putting forth my best effort when I wrote them.  Dr. S wanted to copy one of the papers to distribute to the class.  I said only after I saw how I did on them.

10/10 with comments of "good" and "good job" on each paper.

Okay.  I was relieved.  

The textbook for this class is some very dense reading.  It's not a NT Survey class; we're actually exploring the history, literature and context of the NT.   In some ways, this reading assignments feel like the kind of material I might expect in seminary in a book twice its size.  But tonight we finally got into the world of Paul, and things are beginning to open up. 

He assigned three questions this week: each a 3-5 page paper, with citations/footnotes and a bibliography.  Uggh!     


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Feb. 18th, 2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
You were used as an example in Coatesville, PA too
In a class on communication with the opposite sex. Specifically the agreement that only football gets spoken in the Redskins Room during games.

The flip side of that: an implied agreement that discussions which the distaff side want to have will occur sometime during non-football times!
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