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I generally like to be on the main floor when I'm home so I can 'be with' the pups.  They seem to rest more easily knowing I'm nearby.  It is my customary place to sit and read the paper in my chair, check email, the internet and blogs, and get my morning fix of  "The West Wing". 

A few days ago, the TV lost sound.  The picture was fine, but there was no audio.  And Closed Caption just wasn't cutting it.

The set is one which stands in the gap between antiquated analog TVs and the latest state-of-the-art flat screen slim chassis units.  So I tried swapping out a smaller similar era TV from downstairs to get full AV capability back in the room.  After some false starts and miscues, I abandoned my effort and resolved to go the TV tech support policy way (if it hadn't already expired).

After reconnecting everything as it had been, the cable recycled and VOILA!  Glorious Sound!  The theme to "TWW".

Thank you, Lord!

I called Heart Of My Heart, held the phone up to the set, and then told her sound abounds.  She said its just another little miracle in our house. 

Gibbs, with his congenital birth defect of less than one good kidney, requires a special diet of K/D feed, tuna fish and filtered water.  We like to buy Tuna Fish in Oil because the oil is good for the boy.  For some time now, all we could find was tun packed in water.  But of late, when we've opened each new packet of tuna, we're amazed to find tuna in oil! 

Another little miracle.  Thank you, Lord!

(But really, is it right to characterize any miracle as 'little'?  Probably not!)

Thank you, Lord for ALL miracles, great and small!  


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Feb. 18th, 2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
That pup ain't showin' signs of slowing down.
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